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5 things to splurge on for your wedding

There’s a lot going on at the moment to give everyone a moment to pause and think about their finances – and a wedding is already a big, but fabulous, investment … so do you really need to go wild on spending more? No, absolutely not and we have lots of ideas about where to save money on your big day without spoiling the impact for you or your guests. But we also know that there are a few things you should not cut back on for your wedding. Every couple is different and wants something different for their wedding day, but here are five things that we suggest you consider if maybe not going splurging, then at definitely not scrimping on!


Even the most camera shy amongst you will appreciate having good wedding photographs to look back on. Some couples are opting to forgo the photographer all together and ask their guests to take pictures on their cameras or phones. However, these shots cannot compare to a professional, wedding photographer’s photos. An experienced wedding photographer will know how to shoot you both in the best light, how to stage those all important shots and how to edit your photographs after the wedding for the best results. They will blend into your day and make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. They will also most likely have an assistant with them, meaning that if one camera fails there are still photos from your big day.

You can still save money by ordering your own prints, photobook and canvas after your wedding. Websites like Truprint and Snapfish will allow you to create all sorts of items with your wedding photos, from simple prints to a large canvas. It does take a few hours to get all your photographs uploaded and if you want to make a photobook then expect to spend a couple of hours arranging your photographs.

The venue

Wherever you choose to get married, whether it be a registry office or a luxury lakeside location, spend your money wisely here and don’t be afraid to splurge. You might want a location that looks stunning in photographs or just somewhere simple to say your vows. Make sure that the venue you choose has enough space to accommodate the guests you are planning to invite and splurge on making the ceremony and reception locations look stunning. You can save money by DIYing as much as you can, buying second hand and roping friends in to help.

The catering

Catering can take a huge chunk of your overall wedding budget, but there is a good reason for this. You don’t want your guests to go hungry, and feeding them good quality grub shows them how much you appreciate them attending your wedding. It doesn’t have to be a posh three course meal with ingredients you can’t pronounce, whatever you chose to serve your guests, be sure to look for caterers who use high quality, local produce.

If you chose to do the catering yourselves then bear in mind that most wedding caterers will also provide staff, glassware, cutlery, crockery and table cloths in their prices with your own ideas for wedding table decorations and settings. So whilst the cost might seem high, consider that sourcing all these items elsewhere will be both an added cost and an added headache that you don’t need.


When you think about wedding music, don’t just think about your evening DJ or band. You can have music during your ceremony, during the drinks reception, during the wedding breakfast and for the evening entertainment. Splurging on your wedding music doesn’t mean spending lots of money – in this case it can also be taking the time to create various playlists to use throughout your day. Your wedding venue may have a speaker you can use (a small hire charge might apply) to plug your iPhone/iPod into. Make sure you have an aux cable, just in case, which you can pick up from Poundland. Another top tip is to have the music saved on more than one device, in case one runs out of battery on the day itself.

The honeymoon

After all the hectic wedding planning, and the big day itself, your honeymoon allows you to have some much needed time together. Whatever your honeymoon budget, whether you are staying at home or going somewhere exotic, make sure that you have a few extra treats for you to enjoy together. It could be a lovely meal out or a couple’s massage.

Whilst this list should give you some idea of where to splurge on your wedding day, remember that it is your wedding day, and your vision is most important. Are there any items listed here that you scrimped on instead? Or what did you splurge on for your big day?