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Category: I’m Engaged

Sep 06
What is a Promise Ring? The Meaning and Significance of Promise Rings

Are promise rings back in fashion? Promise rings have long served as a symbol of love and commitment between two people. These beautiful pieces of jewellery hold a special meaning, representing a promise made between two people to remain faithful and devoted to each other. I’ve looked the origins and history of promise rings, the […]

Feb 02
How to Plan a Mr and Mrs Quiz for a Hen Party

Are you searching for a great game to keep everyone entertained when planning a stag or hen party? You should plan a Mr. and Mrs. Hen Party quiz! The Mr and Mrs quiz is a classic hen party game and a great way to enjoy a night out with friends. You can use it to […]

Oct 16
10 Hen Party Themes For Every Type Of Bride

No matter what type of bride you’re planning for, there’s a hen party theme out there for them! Whether they want something classy, or something just plain silly, we’ve got you covered! A theme is a fantastic way to unite your group and bond with your bridal party. It’s a great way to decide what […]

Sep 20
3 Beautiful Rustic Wedding Invitations Your Guests Will Love

The rustic aesthetic is becoming an increasingly popular choice of wedding decor and is a great choice for your wedding invitations. Rustic decor is all about using natural materials that vary in roughness and age and incorporates more casual designs and styles to create an effortless and natural-looking scene. Picking out a wedding invitation can […]

Sep 13
What To Write In An Engagement Card

Weddings are always an exciting milestone to enjoy in life- and in many cases, the excitement will start long before the big day, and usually with your engagement. The excitement also extends beyond the happy couple; if you know that a loved one is preparing for their wedding, it is only natural that you will […]

Sep 06
What To Wear To An Engagement Party

If you’re in a close friendship or relationship with someone who is newly engaged, or perhaps you’re organizing an engagement party for yourself and your fiancé (congratulations!), you might be wondering what to wear to the engagement party. Engagement parties are part of the fun leading up to the big day. It’s basically a celebration […]