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Category: Wedding Planner

Apr 15
Wedding Planner Book

If you’re just starting to plan your wedding, a great way to get organised is to use a wedding planner book. Luckily, there are plenty of resources to help you break down the steps of planning your wedding and bring it all together, perfectly, on the day! Before you decide on a planner or vision […]

Apr 14
Start Planning Your Wedding

When it comes to planning your wedding, it’s tempting to procrastinate and put off thinking about the detail until you “find the time.” Setting the date is the first step; once you have it marked on the calendar, the reality of your wedding day will start to set in. If you’ve already settled on a […]

Aug 24
Do I need a wedding planner?

  Making sure that you have a fantastic, enjoyable wedding day takes a lot of preparation! You can organise everything yourself, you can ask for help from family or a friend, the venue can provide someone or you can use a wedding planner who will provide a professional wedding organisation service for a fee.  Most […]

Dec 10
Why you should consider hiring a wedding planner

When you are planning your big day, you will probably want to be involved in all of the major decisions. Some people like to plan their wedding with their partner or their loved ones but this doesn’t come without its difficulties. Not only are weddings hard to plan but they can also be very expensive […]