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Sep 06
What is a Promise Ring? The Meaning and Significance of Promise Rings

Are promise rings back in fashion? Promise rings have long served as a symbol of love and commitment between two people. These beautiful pieces of jewellery hold a special meaning, representing a promise made between two people to remain faithful and devoted to each other. I’ve looked the origins and history of promise rings, the […]

Feb 02
How to Plan a Mr and Mrs Quiz for a Hen Party

Are you searching for a great game to keep everyone entertained when planning a stag or hen party? You should plan a Mr. and Mrs. Hen Party quiz! The Mr and Mrs quiz is a classic hen party game and a great way to enjoy a night out with friends. You can use it to […]

Feb 01
Amazing Clutch Bags For Weddings

Weddings are not just a big deal for the happy couple. It’s an excuse for all of the guests to dress up and really look their best. And if you’re a woman, you will want to take a nice bag! We’re not talking shopping bag here, think amazing clutch bag so that you’ve got your […]

Dec 29
10 Design Ideas for Table Decorations at Your Wedding Reception

Whether you’re hosting a large wedding with hundreds of guests, or a smaller party with close friends and family, many elements go into planning your perfect wedding reception. One crucial part of perfecting your reception is the arrangement of your tables and chairs. Regarding table decorations, there are countless options to choose from. Besides, the […]

Dec 27
Which Finger Does a Wedding Ring Go On and Why?

Which finger does a wedding go on… and why? Well, it’s called your ring finger for a reason but what makes it the ideal finger for wearing a wedding ring? Why was this specific finger designated for that momentous responsibility? At different times in history and among different cultures, there was no one specific finger […]

Dec 26
Where To Sell Wedding Dress

Congratulations on an amazing wedding, now maybe you’re thinking if you should sell your wedding dress, but aren’t sure where to start. Maybe other people have inspired you to sell your wedding dress but you don’t know where the best place to sell, or are you curious and want to know what you dress is […]

Dec 14
10 Great Wedding Entrance Songs

Yes, you’ve got everything covered for your wedding day… but hang, what about the wedding entrance songs? Of course, selecting the songs you love is nice, but if you’re stuck for inspiration our suggestions might help you find the perfect song to start your wedding ceremony and we’ve put together our list of favourites for […]

Dec 13
10 Ideas for Unusual Wedding Favours

Planning a wedding can be exciting and stressful all at the same time with so many little details that you need to keep tabs on, one of which is wedding favours for your guests. After the ceremony and the food, wedding favours can play an important role in making your wedding memorable. They also give […]

Dec 13
A Guide to Wedding Anniversaries

Wedding anniversaries are a special occasion for couples to celebrate their love and commitment to each other. It is a day to look back on the happy memories of your wedding day and to look forward to a future filled with love. There are many different ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary. Some couples prefer […]

Dec 08
Your Guide to Wedding Insurance

Most couples don’t think about wedding insurance – after all, you don’t want to think about the worst when planning the most important day of your life! However, when planning your wedding, insurance should be an important point on your planning checklist. You never know what the future holds in terms of weather, accidents or […]