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18 Amazing Barn Weddings You Have To See!

Full of charm, barns are one of the most popular wedding venues in the country!

Besides offering couples the chance to get married in an ambient and intimate setting, rustic barns also offer the versatility to get married in a variety of places – from farms all the way to historic estates.

However, there are many different beautiful barn wedding venues located throughout the UK – and this can make it hard for prospective couples to settle on just one.

From rustic farm barns to more contemporary options, which one will be the best place for you and your love to tie the knot? We’re here to help you choose the perfect venue for your wedding theme – and don’t forget the related extras including rustic wedding invitations and wedding flowers.

No matter whether you want a traditional or more modern wedding – just keep scrolling to discover 18 of the best rustic barn locations throughout the United Kingdom.

There’s something here for every couple, so just keep reading!

18 Amazing Barn Weddings Across The UK

In order to make sure that you are able to find the perfect barn for your wedding day – we’ve taken the time to carefully curate this list that we are going to be presenting to you below.

Situated across Wales and England, each venue has its own unique charm and character, but one thing’s for sure: each one is an ideal place to exchange your vows.

Not only that, but these carefully selected, handpicked wedding venues can cater to a variety of budgets, preferences, themes and wedding party sizes. 

The only question is, which one will you choose? You’ll just have to keep reading to find out.

1. Cripps Barn Gloucestershire

Sitated in the heart of Gloucestershire, this beautiful barn is the creme de la creme of wedding barn venues.

This stunning venue has an authentic rustic feel and is the perfect place for those that want a country wedding with a charming, cozy atmosphere.

We absolutely love the rustic beams and beautiful flagstone doors – not to mention having the ability to exchange your vows either under the central oak structure inside the barn or outside near Cripps Barn’s private woods.

Does it get any more magical than that?

2. The Kingscote Barn – Gloucestershire

Keeping with the theme of Gloucestershire, this next wedding venue is also situated in this beautiful area of England.

Award winning and a favorite of couples all throughout the country, The Kingscote Barn is rn by a dedicated team that truly make Kingscote Barn a magical place to tie the knot.

During the day if you decide to get married here, you will be able to enjoy over 400 acres of rural countryside that belongs to the property, which we’re sure will make for an unforgettable day.

3. Hazel Gap Barn – Nottinghamshire

Next up we have Hazel Gap Barn, which is a rustic-themed barn that consists of two red brick traditional farmhouse buildings.

The barn is large and spacious (which makes it idea for bigger parties) and leads out to a whimsical courtyard just perfect for photo opportunities both before and after the vows.

This is also a great place to consider for those that want to host their entire wedding day in one venue, as the Hazel Gap Barn can be transformed into a magnificent party room, too.

4. Crondon Park – Essex

If you’re on the lookout for the perfect, idyllic wedding venue – Crondon Park is the place to be! This stunning venue consists of rosewood flooring, gorgeous chandeliers as well as real oak beams.

This barn also gives full control over decorations, so it’s perfect for any theme.

5. Wyresdale Park – Lancashire

Wyresdale Park is a family-owned country estate that contains a Ceremony Barn specifically intended for weddings.

Alongside the beautiful barn, there’s a boating lake, stunning country house as well as a stunning backdrop of the English countryside. It’s perfect for anyone searching for a idyllic countryside barn venue.

6. Dorney Court – Windsor

If you’d like to get married in a church but hold the celebrations in a barn – then Dorney Court is exactly what you are looking for.

If you opt to get married here, you will be bale to get married in St.James the Less Church before then spending the rest of the day celebrating in Dorney Court’s renovated barn.

7. The Cow Shed – Cornwall

Granite Ridge Estate And Barn

The Cow Shed is an American-style traditional barn that is most suited for those that are searching for an intimate venue to tie the knot in.

While it is certainly not the biggest of venues, The Cow Shed makes up for this small drawback with plenty of charm and character. If you want privacy and a rustic ambiance for your special day, you’ll love The Cow Shed.

8. Dodford Manor – Northamptonshire

An award-winnning property, Dodford Manor is a stunning country house steeped in history – and just so happens to have a beautiful barn located on the grounds of the house, too!

If you opt to get hitched here, you can choose to hold the ceremony in the country house (which can accommodate up to 170 people) and then party the night away in the renovated barn.

9. Wasing Park – Berkshire

Located in Berkshire’s Wasing Park, this beautiful barn is steeped in decadence and rustic charm.

Unlike some of the other barns on this list, Wasing Park offers an intimate, sophisticated and warm atmosphere that is absolutely perfect for marrying during the colder winter months.

10. The Priory – Hertfordshire

Rural with a modern twist, The Priority is a barn that offers an elegant and refined experience for those wanting to tie the knot in a barn.

There’s also plenty of stunning countryside surrounding the barn, so there’s plenty of places to get beautiful wedding pictures taken.

11. Middle Coombe Cider Barn – Devon

Perfect for smaller wedding parties, the Middle Coombe Cider Barn is an ideal venue for those wanting a more intimate wedding experience.

You’ll be able to stay in the cosy farmhouse the night before the big day, before then tying the knot in the beautiful renovated barn surrounded by Devon countryside.

12. The Ashes – Stoke-on-Trent

Located in Stoke-on-Trent, The Ashes is a barn located on a 50 acre estate that you will have total access to on your special day.

If you’re on the search for an idyllic spot of English countryside to enjoy the biggest day of your life, The Ashes will not disappoint! 

13. Rivervale Barn – Hampshire

Featuring a large ceiling and rustic oak beams, Rivervale Barn is located in Hampshire and features a uniquely airy yet intimate setting perfect for both small and large wedding parties, alike. 

14. Soho Farmhouse – Oxfordshire

With the ability to accommodate up to 220 guests in its on-site barn and with a variety of luxurious accommodations for the bridal party to stay in, Soho Farmhouse is steeped in charm and the ideal setting for spending the most important day of your life.

15. Bridal Barn – West Midlands

With over 80 acres of woodland at your disposal as well as a contemporary-style barn – the Bridal Barn is another fantastic option to consider if you’d like to get married in a barn venue!

The venue, unlike some of the others that we have mentioend on this list, has incredibly high ceilings and exposed oak beams that lend this barn a rustic yet shopisticateid ambiance.

As for the evening? You’ll be able to dance the night away with your friends and family, before unwinding in the Bridal Barn’s giant Nordic Tipi situated just a few yards from the barn.

16. The Oak Barn – Kent

On the hunt for tranquility? If you are, you’ve met your wedding venue match with The Oak Barn.

Situated in the heart of 22 acres of land, The Oak Barn is perfect for those in search of an idyllic, private location to marry the love of their life, and has been a popular spot to get married since the 1600s. 

17. Millbridge Court – Surrey

This boutique barn is ideal for those in need of a large capacity.

Offering the ability to accommodate 200 guests as well as having several accommodation options located on the property – Millbridge Court is ideal for those looking for convenience and plenty of space.

18. Tower Hill Barns – Llangollen

Offering both outdoor and indoor ceremony areas, stunning countryside grounds as well as premium food, drink and hospitality – the final barn venue on our list is Tower Hill Barns.

Located in the heart of Welsh countryside, this idyllic venue is the perfect place to marry if you are looking for a rustic, romantic ambience.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have read through our roundup of the best barn venues across the country, we hope that we have been able to provide you with some inspiration on where to spend your very special day.

The only question left is, which barn will you choose to tie the knot in? Thank you for reading.