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10 Great Wedding Entrance Songs

Yes, you’ve got everything covered for your wedding day… but hang, what about the wedding entrance songs? Of course, selecting the songs you love is nice, but if you’re stuck for inspiration our suggestions might help you find the perfect song to start your wedding ceremony and we’ve put together our list of favourites for couples who want love-filled songs. Our list gives you a head start of songs that will make your wedding day very special.

1.  Brian McKnight – Back at One

In 1999, Brian McKnight released this stunning song, which quickly became a fan favourite. It is a perfect song that describes love while giving a nostalgic vibe to it. In summary, the song is about confessing your undying love, but the hook is where all the magic is.

The hook counts from one to five, each stating what your partner means to you. The chorus ends with a great line where you can start back at one if you ever think your work is done with your partner.

So, if the description above fits you or your partner and you want a wedding entrance song that reveals your deep emotional connection for each other, then Brian McKnight’s “Back at one” should make your wedding entrance song list.

2.  Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

You know Ed Sheeran always delivers when it comes to love songs that provoke emotions. The truth is no wedding entrance song list is complete without at least one Ed Sheeran song.

‘Thinking out loud’ is not just a song but a promise to be there for each other till you both turn grey and old, a perfect addition to your wedding vows. Both the melody and lyrics create a perfect harmony of undying love that doesn’t falter and doesn’t become less, even when your memory fades with time.

3.  Marry You – Bruno Mars

This song is great if you are a fun couple. The song basically describes a spontaneous relationship where you don’t care about how and where you met but are sure that you want to marry each other.

Although it is more popular as a proposal song, if you listen to the lyrics more closely, it can mean more than that.  You will see that it is a reaffirmation of the fact that you want to marry your partner.

If you want an upbeat classic to get the guests on their feet and dance some of those wedding jitters away, then this is the song for you.

4.  I’m Yours – Jason Mraz

Are you looking for a mid-tempo love song to add to your list? ‘I’m yours’ is a perfect song. It is one of Jason Mraz’s greatest hits and can be an earworm when you don’t know the lyrics.

This amazing song can help you tell your partner that you are completely theirs with zero hesitation. From the very beginning, this catchy tune lifts your spirits, and the lyrics are the perfect declaration of love that will stop at nothing but divine intervention.

Another thing that makes this song a great entrance song is that you can move to it without expending too much energy. Listen to the song first and watch how your body reacts to it.

5.  A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

‘A Thousand Years’ is a timeless declaration of love that is as pure as it is beautiful. It perfectly describes love in a way that not many can accomplish. As you take one step closer to the person you love, the beats of this song, syncing to your heart, it will create a moment, a feeling that you’ll never forget.

A thousand years is a slow, thought-provoking song. Be careful; the song can mess with your emotions and have tears rolling down. This beautiful ballad will have your partner cry tears of love as they look at you walk down the aisle, and the guests will make good use of their napkins.

6.  Lover – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ is one of a kind when it comes to striking a special cord in lovers’ hearts. Walking towards the person you love, with this song playing in the background, surrounded by your friends and family, will be a moment you’ll cherish forever.

When the bridge hits with “Ladies and gentlemen, would you please stand,” and the song gives way to a vow, you can really feel it resonating with the moment and in the eyes of your loved ones. This entire song is a love letter from a lover, which is a beautiful addition to your wedding.

7.  Marry Me – Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo’s marry me is a more serious version of Bruno Mars’s Marry you. So, you can opt to have either of them on your list. Another difference is ‘marry me’ has deeper meaning words and can suck you into falling in love with your partner all over again. The song also takes you back to when you made that initial commitment that led you to this day and will make you really appreciate what you have built together.

8.  All of Me – John Legend

“All of me” is one of the most romantic songs ever. John Legend is a legend when it comes to lyrics that make you fall over and over in love. All of me is a global love song; you should definitely add it to your entrance songs.

This song is about loving each other through all the ups and downs, physical perfections and imperfections, and just giving yourself to each other. This ballad sums up what the wedding means in a perfect melody.

9.  Never Seen Anything Quite Like You – The Script

This nostalgic hit will have you reminiscing about all the moments you’ve spent together that led you to the wedding. The song is an ode to how beauty is defined by the moment you’re in and how beautiful it is to have felt love together and to keep falling in love all over again all your life.

This song says things that words sometimes fail to, so it may be a great addition to your wedding.

10. Perfect (Duet) – Ed Sheeran & Beyonce

When Ed Sheeran’s Perfect was released, it got millions of views quickly. Perfect is the “perfect” song for a wedding entrance song.

It gets better because Beyonce and Ed duet on the song, which is heavenly. Ed sings the first verse and chorus, and Beyonce personalises the second verse. Playing this song at your wedding will make you feel like you are singing to each other. This song is a reminder of all the ups and downs you went through to get to where you are now as a couple and how your love has only grown stronger.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Entrance Songs

We are sure you will find one or two songs that will suit your wedding entrance on this list . But in case you want more songs that are not here, here are some things you should consider when selecting a song for your special moment.

●     You and Your Partner’s Preference

There can be a bit of bias when you select the entrance songs alone. That is why we advise that you run the songs by your partner before making final decisions. It’s their wedding, too, and you want it to be memorable for them.

The only exception here is if you intend to surprise your partner. In that case, you can run a bunch of songs by them but keep your surprise song a secret.

●     Entrance Type

Which entrance are you selecting songs for? You can select songs for a bridal entrance. The DJ can play the song while the bride enters or if you have a band, they can sing it during your entry. If you have a separate reception, then that is another chance to do a grand entrance.

You can select songs for the couple’s entrance into the reception area. You should select different songs for each entrance type. There are so many romantic songs to pick from, so there is no need to repeat songs.

●     Walk or Dance

When picking songs for the reception entrance, you must decide whether to walk in or dance. You can even do both.  Your entrance and song should be a reflection of your personality and your relationship. If you feel ballads are not for you, you can opt for a groovy song that you and your guests can sway your hips as you dance down the aisle.

●     The Guests

Weddings are only complete with the presence of friends and family. However, it is easy for couples to get carried away with impressing their guests. You may like a song but wonder if the guests will like it. Well, they don’t have to. It is your wedding, and you should own the entrance.

Besides, the guests can make their song requests when it is their turn to dance.

How to Shuffle Your Wedding Reception Entrance Songs

It’s your wedding, and you own the day. You’ll have picked some lovely hymns for the main service and following that, your reception entrance is one memorable moment that stays with you and your partner forever. Therefore, you should do everything to make it a special one.

As we said before, you need to decide if you want a slow song or one that can immediately erupt into dance. But the good news is that you can mix both to suit your and your partner’s needs.

1.   Start With a Slow Song

You don’t necessarily have to dance into the venue. It is not necessary for you to enter immediately after a song starts. Take your time and keep your guests on their toes by starting with a slow romantic song. Your guests know you are about to enter, and their eyes are glued to the door. If they don’t, playing a slow song sets the mood, and they know a couple in love is about to show up.

2.   Use Separate Entrance Doors

Well, you and your partner don’t have to come in at the same time. This adds a bit of mystery to the entrance and is also a great way to use the song you are playing to speak to your partner and the guests. For instance, if you are playing a perfect duet, one partner can come in at ed Sheeran’s verse while the partner shows up at Beyonce’s verse. You don’t even have to sing along; your guests automatically get the gist.

3.   Let Your Friends Tag Along

You can involve your bridesmaids and groomsmen at your entrance to add more colour and fun. Your friends can come in before you with slow songs or dance in and wait for you to enter.

This way, they keep the guests entertained with their dance or any other act they combine with the songs.

Or, if you are up to it, team up with your friends and do a dance choreography with a song of your choice. It is usually a great and memorable sight.

Final Notes

We want your wedding to be special and memorable. These songs are filled with meaningful lyrics with words that convey love and reassurance.

The list is also a combination of old and new love songs. We have songs from popular artists like Ed Sheeran, John Legend, Christina Perri, etc. Our list is also a complete mixture of several music genres. Although short, since it has only ten songs, you may find your wedding song on this list.

You can select one or two songs depending on how short your entrance will be. You can also mix up slow beats with dance beats to alter the mood of your guests. However, it is your wedding, and you and your partner should decide which song feels right to you and describes your love perfectly.