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Top 10 things for the Maid of Honor to remember!

So you’re the maid of honor, now how to best support your friend on her fabulous day? Here’s a top 10 list.

1. Bring an Emergency Kit

Pack this and you will save the day!

– band-aid or plasters for blisters
– chapstick and lipstick for touch-ups
– baby wipes, tissues and Q-tips
– chewing gum or mints of your choice
– needle and thread for both the bride and groom’s outfits
– nail file and nail polish for any last minute touch-ups
– mini scissors

2. Take photos

Take photos – a lot of them, and all the time!

3. Be organised

An obvious one maybe, but make lists, keep a calendar and write notes. The bride is relying on you to stay organised!

4. Involve the groom

Yes, involve the groom!

5. Be honest with feedback

The bride is relying on you to be honest… does the style work, etc.

6. Be prepared

Goes with number three – if you’re organised, you’ll be prepared for all sorts of changes to plans

7. Remind guests, friends, suppliers

Yes, it’s fine to chase and remind everyone!

8. Have fun!

Despite juggling all the previous seven things, try and have fun!