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Page Boy Duties Explained

The main responsibility of the page boy is easy! They’ve got to be adorable both as you walk down the aisle with the page boy, and also accompanying you in your wedding pictures. It’s a beautiful way to incorporate kids in your big day.

When there are multiple page boys, they usually walk down the aisle together, with the flower girl, or with other bridesmaids. Page boys are typically boys under the age of seven.

The job of the page boy may be ideal for a younger boy in your family or the son of a close friend if you want to include them in your wedding but are concerned about giving them too much responsibility or stress on the big day.

To find out everything you need to know about the duties of a page boy, read this article and discover the answers to any of your pressing questions.

What Are The Page Boy’s Duties?

Carrying The Bride’s Train

The most traditional role of the page boy is to hold the bride’s train up.

however, depending on the bride’s dress type, the page boy may not be required to do so.

Although some page boys can be as young as three years old, it’s best to allow an older page boy of about seven to ten years old do this crucial duty because trains are not always easy to handle.

Coin Bearing

The role of bearing coins is less typical than bearing the rings and is more typical in Spanish-speaking weddings.

Another conceivable task for a young page boy, provided the custom fits with the wedding’s theme, is to carry coins down the aisle to be blessed by the celebrant.

Escorting The Flower Girls

What could be cuter than a flower girl and page boy strolling down the aisle together hand in hand?

Aside from being adorable, it can give young children confidence to walk alongside one another rather than by themselves.

The older child will feel important in their job as guardian if they are paired with an older flower girl or vice versa, and the younger child will be less likely to get lost or forget what they are supposed to be doing.

Ring Bearing

If you don’t totally separate the ringbearer duty, page boys make wonderful ring bearers.

Because it’s a simple task and will help the smallest page boy feel like he played a significant role in the ceremony, this particular responsibility is occasionally assigned to the youngest page boy.

The rings may be placed in an easy-to-hold basket or they might be placed on top of a silk cushion and given to the page boy to carry down the aisle.

If there are worries that real rings will get misplaced while being carried, fake rings can be used in their place.

Scattering Flower Petals

The flower girls typically fill this duty, although not all couples have relatives or close friends with young girls that fit the criteria. It’s never a bad idea to change things up a bit, and a page boy is free to take on this responsibility.

A basket of petals might be given to the page boy to toss in front of the bride as she walks down the aisle. Fake petals or soap bubbles can be used as a substitute to real petals if any guests have hay fever.

What Does The Page Boy Wear?

You are entirely in charge of the page boy’s outfit! You may want to start by taking their age into account.

If they are really young, they may want to wear a shirt and shorts. As an alternative, you might have them wear a scaled-down version of the groomsmen’s suit or a waistcoat and shorts.

What Does The Page Boy Do To Prepare Before The Ceremony?

You should be flexible and do whatever you think will make the page boy feel most at ease because this will entirely depend on his age and character.

You will get some great pictures of everyone getting ready together, and he might enjoy getting ready with the groom, the best man, and the ushers.

If your page boy is really young, it might be easier for him to get ready with his parents and then arrive closer to the ceremony time.

The parents of the page boy will be able to advise you on what would be best for them if you are unsure of what to do.

Does The Page Boy Get Gifts?

To reward your page boy for a job well done, you can decide to buy him a small gift. This might be a card, a whimsical wall hanging for their room, or a new toy for them to play with.

What’s The Difference Between A Page Boy And A Ring Bearer?

The ring bearer will be the one to carry the ring pillow and bring the wedding rings to the couple, so some couples may opt to have both a page boy and a ring bearer.

Although they don’t need to hold anything, the page boy and flower girl usually walk down the aisle holding hands.

The page boy typically ranges in age from 3 to 10 and is often a close relative of the bride or the groom.

You are not required to have a page boy, and it’s vital to keep in mind that the younger the page boy, the more probable it is that they would throw a fit and refuse to walk down the aisle at all!

Final Word

Having a page boy as a part of your wedding can be an adorable way of including a younger member of the family into your special day.

With the information we’ve provided in mind, your wedding is sure to go off without a hitch and your page boy will do an excellent job.