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How to Plan a Mr and Mrs Quiz for a Hen Party

Are you searching for a great game to keep everyone entertained when planning a stag or hen party? You should plan a Mr. and Mrs. Hen Party quiz! The Mr and Mrs quiz is a classic hen party game and a great way to enjoy a night out with friends. You can use it to get to know your friends better or find out who to avoid at the party.

This entertaining game is a great way to get everyone chatting and testing the bride before the wedding as you all learn (hopefully hilarious) facts from her past. It’s more fun if you include people from various friend circles.

A hen party can be a fun, exciting time, but it can also be a time of great stress for the bride and groom. To help you during your hen party, you must prepare well.

What Does the Mr. and Mrs. Quiz Mean?

Mr. and Mrs. Quiz are entertaining, leading, and humorous questions you ask the couple getting married at their bachelor or hen party to learn witty truths and see who knows more about their partner.

The answers can be amusing if you choose the correct questions to ask (check our ideas below). The Mr. and Mrs. quiz is a traditional and well-liked hen party game inspired by the TV show “hen party” hosted by Phillip Schofield.

Mr. & Mrs. Quiz can be humorous, sentimental, naughty, factual, or tricky, based on the type of audience you have. But it’s best to mix the questions, beginning with the simple ones and increasing to the naughty part of the game as the fun progresses and the atmosphere becomes tense and fun!

How Can I Set up a Mr. and Mrs. Hen Quiz?

Planning a Mr. and Mrs. quiz for a hen party is easy and fun-filled because it evokes smiles and giggles. Playing this game is like breaking the ice, especially after the day’s main event.

All it requires are a handful of hilarious questions. You can also convince your Mr. or Mrs. to give you the answer secretly ahead of time. If you wish to make the whole thing easier, you can send the questions (maybe 30-40) to your bride or groom friend, asking them to give you the answers later.

Alternatively, you can be as creative and clever as you wish by filming them in person and responding to the questions. Once you’ve gotten their replies, ask your friends those questions at their stag or hen and then compare their answers. The game can be made more entertaining by forfeits for those who don’t give the same answers as their fiance.

Remember that you can modify the game based on whether the particular couple is Mr. and Mr or Mrs. and Mrs. questions.

Hen Party Ideas

So, your best friend has asked you to be a bridesmaid. That entails talking about thrilling wedding arrangements, attending bridal fittings, offering lots of love and attention during the preparation, and organising the all-mighty hen party! It might be challenging to know how to start if you have never planned or even attended any hen party. However, yet again, we are ready to help. To help you get started, we have compiled a fantastic collection of the most popular and best hen party themes.

●     Treasure Hunts

Treasure hunts are a great way for hens to work together as teams while also getting to know each other better. Take your cameras, assemble your girls, and head out with a collection of information and a plan for the hunting area! Moreover, making a checklist of things to uncover during the hunt, such as shot glasses, coasters from bars, and photos with random people, is a fantastic idea for a girls’ night out. After the game, the person with the most outstanding collection should receive a reward!

●     Spa Break

A spa break is ideal for a bride who enjoys a little luxury! What’s a more relaxing way to get ready for your wedding than to engage in R&R and Champagne at a posh spa hotel? In the UK, many spas welcome hen parties and provide fantastic pampering packages. The Hampshire offers unrestricted access to its spa pools so you can host your own stylish pool party. Also, the exquisite Lime Wood Spa at the Limewood Hotel is ideal for larger groups.

●     Makeup Class

Nothing beats a masterclass in makeup if you want to acquire new skills while getting ready for a hen party. Many salons, makeup artists, businesses, and hairdressers across the nation offer group lessons. Or, you might go one step further and choose a fancy photo shoot to capture the final hurrah in photos. Alternatively, you might all go together to have your nails painted.

How to Be Creative for a Fun-Filled Mr. and Mrs. Quiz

To obtain the best response from a Mr. and Mrs. game and before we move on to those humorous quizzes, you ought to be prepared and think through your strategy.

●     Keep the Game’s Delivery in Mind

The most straightforward approach to set up the quiz is to send the bride (or the groom) a set of questions and request that they respond. When your partner has finished answering the quiz at the party, print the answers to show them. Alternatively, consider filming the groom answering the questions if you wish to make things extra stylish and humorous. Moreover, the game will be even funnier if you watch the groom fumble while he responds to the quizzes.

●     Personalise the Question as Much as You Can

The questions that follow are a great place to begin. Still, you can adjust or include new ones depending on the partner you are questioning and your precise idea of them.

●     Create Forfeits for Both Incorrect and Correct Answers

Changing the quiz to a drinking contest or forfeiture game is nice if you don’t drink much to ensure everyone participates. For instance, the bride must take a sip for each incorrect response, while the other hens must perform one for each correct response. For each incorrect response, the bride might also have to perform a dare, a prank call or an ice bucket challenge for any incorrect answer.

●     Include Some Props

You can purchase a variety of entertaining props to keep the game going and more entertaining. Consider stuff like paddles for Mr. and Mrs. that the groom and bride might raise if they feel they know the answer. You can get paddles from Etsy, but you could also make a personalised paddle with cards and lolly sticks. Additionally, it’s nice to provide customised glasses for the bride and her hens to use when sipping on their losses.

Thrilling Mr. and Mrs. Quizzes for a Perfect Hen Party

Quiz time means time to reveal some hilarious facts about the soon-to-be couples. Remember that you must consider your audience while preparing your list of questions. The audience part is sensitive, especially if the mother of the bride will attend the party. So you will have to skip the naughty question part.

However, if the bride is ready to ball, she will drink on any question she answers wrongly.

We have prepared many questions for your hen party using various tags to suit the party mood you’re planning… let’s begin!

“Who Is” Questions

These questions are quick, simple creative ideas to kickstart the game. It is brilliant when couples think they are the most hilarious or attractive.

  1. Who cooks best?
  2. Who keeps secrets better?
  3. Who drives best?
  4. Who’s the most hilarious?
  5. Who dances best?
  6. Who wins in an argument?
  7. Who has the biggest ego?
  8. Who has the best looks?
  9. Who dances the best?
  10. Who spends the most time preparing for an outing?
  11. Who is more adept at keeping money?
  12. Who has a better fashion sense?

Classical Mr. and Mrs. Quizzes

Start the party with these fundamental Mr. and Mrs. quizzes to give the audience vibes for the witty and cheeky questions that follow.

  1. What is his or her favourite movie?
  2. What is his or her favourite food?
  3. What is his or her favourite song?
  4. What one item, if any, would they bring to a remote island?
  5. What do you call each other as a pet name or nickname?
  6. What is his or her shoe size?
  7. How many babies do they want?
  8. Which pizza topping is his or her favourite?
  9. Which beer is his or her favourite?
  10. What did they think of you when they met you?

Mr. and Mrs. Memory Test Questions

Who has the sharper memory? It’s time to figure out in this round which will put the couples to the absolute test.

  1. Which movie did you all see for the first time?
  2. Who was the first to proclaim love?
  3. What year was your very first date?
  4. What was the location of your very first date?
  5. Where did you have your first real kiss?
  6. What was their first occupation?
  7. What is the name of his or her very first boyfriend or girlfriend’s name?
  8. When did they have their first kiss?
  9. What’s their first pet?
  10. List every cousin they have
  11. Which academic subject did they enjoy the most?
  12. How did you first meet?

Mr. and Mrs. Hilarious Questions

These pertinent questions are likely to yield some amusing responses.

  1. In a biographical movie about them, who would play them?
  2. Which star do they secretly adore?
  3. What is their secret desire?
  4. What is their most egregious habit?
  5. If you had to sum up your partner in three words, what would they be?
  6. What do they do first when they wake up?
  7. What do they fear the most?
  8. What was the uncomfortable situation that they encountered?
  9. Which famous person do they believe they most resemble?
  10. If you had to describe them with a song, what song would it be?

Questions for Him About Her and Her About Him

13 Questions for the Groom

  1. What is it about you that irritates her most?
  2. What pet name does she call you?
  3. Does she favour heels or flats?
  4. When you met for the first time, what was her impression of you?
  5. What does she claim would put you in jail most frequently?
  6. What is the colour of her eyes?
  7. When did you start dating?
  8. What kind of tea or coffee does she drink?
  9. What is her best movie?
  10. What is the size of her bra?
  11. Which physique feature does she consider to be her finest one?
  12. Where is a vacation spot she would adore?
  13. What kind of date would she prefer?

13 Fun Questions for the Bride

  1. What dish does he prefer to eat?
  2. Which film is his favourite?
  3. What terrifies him the most?
  4. What kind of tea or coffee does he drink?
  5. How big are his shoes?
  6. Which sport does he like most?
  7. What is the colour of his eyes?
  8. Which alcoholic drink does he prefer?
  9. What dish does he detest the most?
  10. Which phobia does he have the most?
  11. What topping on pizza does he like best?
  12. What meal, if any, would he choose to eat exclusively all his life?
  13. If he had a job besides his current job, what would it be?

Intimate Mr. and Mrs. Quiz

  1. What outfit would he prefer you wear in bed?
  2. Who has the highest libido?
  3. Who makes the finest kisses?
  4. Light or no light?
  5. What time of day are you most likely to do it?
  6. Which body part of yours is his favourite?
  7. What’s her secret desire?
  8. Who is more likely to initiate?
  9. Which position does he prefer?
  10. Does he consider himself to be endowed?


A Mr. and Mrs. hen party quiz is a great way for friends to escape for a weekend and have loads of fun. This article on “how to plan a Mr and Mrs quiz for a hen party” ideas will help you organise and leave a lasting humorous smile on the face of the bride and the groom. Have fun!