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10 Hen Party Themes For Every Type Of Bride

No matter what type of bride you’re planning for, there’s a hen party theme out there for them! Whether they want something classy, or something just plain silly, we’ve got you covered!

A theme is a fantastic way to unite your group and bond with your bridal party. It’s a great way to decide what activities you want to do, where you want to go, how you want to dress, and what you want to eat and drink.

So, if you’re looking for some hen party inspiration then read our list of 10 hen party themes for every type of bride! We’ll take you through some of our favourites, and give you some tips about how to decide the theme.

1. L-Plates

It’s tacky, yes, but an L-plates hen party is a classic and will always be a winner for a great night out! 

Adorn yourself in tiaras, feather boas and L-plates, and hit the town. Everyone you pass will know exactly what you’re out for, so expect plenty of cheers, free shots, and some hilarious pictures!

2. Back To School

If the bridal party is made up of old school friends, then how about a throwback? Fish out your way-to-tight, old school uniform and start reminiscing with some classic school games turned boozy!

Depending on your bride’s sense of humour, you can go down the Britney Spears route (think bunches, pleated skirts, and tied white shirts) or get really silly with something more Inbetweeners style!

3. Pyjama Party

Matching pyjamas are a very comfortable alternative for fancy dress, whether you’re going out or having a hen party at home.

If you have the money, you can order customised ones online, or you can simply visit Primark and choose your favourite pairs.

We highly recommend hosting your hen party at home or renting an Airbnb just for the girls so you can play tons of fun sleepover games and have the biggest brunch with plenty of prosecco.

4. Dress As Your Other Half

Have every hen party guest dress as either their partner or the future bride’s partner! Face masks are optional but recommended!

Although you might want to have a fancier part of the hen do where you get to wash off the face beards and Lynx too, it’s extremely liberating to be able to wear jeans at a hen party.

5. Decades

If your bride has a favourite decade, then a great theme is to have everyone dress in that style!

This theme is especially great for older brides; bring back the decade of their glory days or when they were their most rebellious!

There are plenty of amazing outfits you can wear, music you can listen to, and retro bars for you to dance the night away.

6. Festival

If you want to avoid the whole “tacky hen party” vibe, boho festival attire like flower crowns and summery dresses will just make you look like a group of gals enjoying your favourite festival!

Book a spot at a festival like Glastonbury, a daytime event close to home, an overseas event like Barcelona’s Primavera, or organise your own in a backyard or while camping! There are plenty of ways to take in the festival atmosphere.

7. Pool Party

Pool Party

Swimwear is necessary for a spa day or vacation hen, and a pool party theme is perfect. Purchase matching swimsuits, a huge diamond ring rubber float, and rent a beach club cabana!

If you’re all wearing the same colour, keep in mind that some beach clubs in well-known locations like Ibiza and Marbella won’t let you in since you’ll stand out too much as a hen party.

If so, pick an all-white suit for the bride and decide on a few other colours or patterns for everyone else.

8. Masquerade

Wearing a mask has an opulent and enigmatic feel! Put on your best masquerade ball mask, long gloves, and elegant gowns for a night out.

You won’t be able to be recognized, and you can create an entirely new persona for the evening.

9. Bridal Boot Camp

For all the energetic brides, bridal bootcamp is the perfect hen party theme! This theme is ideal if you wish to include a sport in your day.

Bridal bootcamp is a terrific concept that you can get really creative with, whether you’re participating in a gruelling mudder or going paintballing.

10. Disney Princesses

Disney princesses are a firm favourite. Each person can choose their favourite princess to dress like, or they can be allocated one.

Wear them at a Disney game session, sing-along movie screening, or even to Disneyland Paris. It’s a wonderful approach to realise the happily ever after dream.

How To Choose Your Hen Do Theme

You have some great themes to choose from, but you have to make sure you choose the right one for the bride you’re planning a hen do for. Ask yourself these questions before making a decision:

  • What time of year is the hen party? If it’s during the summer, then a festival theme might be the best. If it’s during the winter, a pyjama party might be better.
  • What’s the budget? Think about if there’s enough money for a fancy dress theme. If the budget is less than ideal, you might need to choose between fancy dress or other activities.
  • What’s your bride’s personality like? Is she funny? Would she appreciate something more silly, like L-plates and penis gear? Or would she prefer something more sophisticated like a masquerade theme?

Final Thoughts

It can be a daunting task to be the organiser of a bride’s hen do, but once you’ve decided on a theme, the rest will come naturally!

Use our ideas to help you decide and remember to ask the bride questions so you can choose the perfect theme for her last night out before the big day.