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Sep 29
How to DIY a photo booth

Photo booths can provide hours of entertainment for your wedding guests, but once you have factored in travel costs, prints and the photo booth itself you could be looking at spending £500 on one. Here are our tips to DIY your wedding photo booth to save you some serious cash. There are a few options […]

Sep 28
5 things to splurge on for your wedding

There’s a lot going on at the moment to give everyone a moment to pause and think about their finances – and a wedding is already a big, but fabulous, investment … so do you really need to go wild on spending more? No, absolutely not and we have lots of ideas about where to […]

Sep 27
18 Amazing Barn Weddings You Have To See!

Full of charm, barns are one of the most popular wedding venues in the country! Besides offering couples the chance to get married in an ambient and intimate setting, rustic barns also offer the versatility to get married in a variety of places – from farms all the way to historic estates. However, there are […]

Sep 20
3 Beautiful Rustic Wedding Invitations Your Guests Will Love

The rustic aesthetic is becoming an increasingly popular choice of wedding decor and is a great choice for your wedding invitations. Rustic decor is all about using natural materials that vary in roughness and age and incorporates more casual designs and styles to create an effortless and natural-looking scene. Picking out a wedding invitation can […]

Sep 16
How To Book A Register Office Wedding

For many of us, our wedding is the happiest day of our lives – and this is why it is so important that you take the time to ensure that your big day focuses on two important figures: you, and the person that you are marrying. A register office wedding is a great way to […]

Sep 14
12 Simple Wedding Cakes To Fall In Love With

Whatever you do when planning, don’t forget about your cake! Of course, there are a few smaller details when planning a wedding that if you forget, will not ruin the big day, however this is definitely not the case with the wedding cake which is a must for every new couple. The cutting of the […]

Sep 13
What To Write In An Engagement Card

Weddings are always an exciting milestone to enjoy in life- and in many cases, the excitement will start long before the big day, and usually with your engagement. The excitement also extends beyond the happy couple; if you know that a loved one is preparing for their wedding, it is only natural that you will […]

Sep 06
What To Wear To An Engagement Party

If you’re in a close friendship or relationship with someone who is newly engaged, or perhaps you’re organizing an engagement party for yourself and your fiancé (congratulations!), you might be wondering what to wear to the engagement party. Engagement parties are part of the fun leading up to the big day. It’s basically a celebration […]

Sep 06
What Are Wedding Favours?

When the wedding is on the horizon and it’s time to start preparing the dress, the venue, catering and even the honeymoon, wedding favours can often slip our mind despite being such a traditional and very important part of a wedding. Wedding favours are a show of appreciation to all the guests and family members […]

Aug 16
Three Inspirational Honeymoon Destinations

When planning your honeymoon, the options may seem endless, especially if you have no idea what part of the world to consider first. While a capital city destination like Paris or Rome is fantastic, adventurous couples might go for the beaches and mythology of a Greek island, Spain’s touch of class or Norway’s rugged landscape. […]