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3 Beautiful Rustic Wedding Invitations Your Guests Will Love

The rustic aesthetic is becoming an increasingly popular choice of wedding decor and is a great choice for your wedding invitations. Rustic decor is all about using natural materials that vary in roughness and age and incorporates more casual designs and styles to create an effortless and natural-looking scene.

Picking out a wedding invitation can be a daunting task and usually one of the first ones to tick off the list!

Here we have included the three of the most beautiful rustic wedding invitations that are bound to catch your eye.

1. Wood & Lavender Wedding Invitation 

These handmade wooden wedding invitations are guaranteed to impress your guests. Made from A-grade birch wood, a laser is used to customize your details to make the perfect wedding invitation along with a free Kraft envelope with each one.

Customers can alter the invites however they please, changing the fonts and wordings to suit their personalities.

Digital copies of the invitations will be sent to customers before printing on wood to ensure that they are happy with the outcome and look of the invites.

This avoids any extra expenditure and stress when ordering the invitations which are always welcome when planning a wedding. 

As well as a lavender flower carved into the wood, a sprig of hand-dried lavender is tied to the invitation with some twine for that extra rustic feeling.

Not only does this invite look amazing, but it also smells wonderful too. The smell of lavender is calming and offers your guests a peak at the other rustic charms you have up your sleeve. 

If you’re looking for a keepsake invitation, these long-lasting birch wood invites are perfect for you and your guests. The size of these wooden invites is 4 x 6 inches, making them easy to store and ideal to pop into a wedding album after the big day. 

The reviews of this product are all very positive, stating that they were expertly made and of the highest quality. Other comments state that the invitations are exactly as advertised and were received very quickly. 


  • 100% recyclable invitation making them eco-friendly 
  • Unique design that can be personalized completely to the customer’s taste
  • High-quality product


  • They are small so you may not be able to fit on all the details, just the essential date, time, and place.  

2. Wedding Invitation With Watercolor Venue Painting 

These rustic hand-painted watercolour invitations are beautiful and elegant. The wedding venue is painted using watercolours before being printed onto the front of the invitations, a process that can be completely customized to the individual. 

Simply send a photo of the venue’s front facade with the name and all the information you’d like displayed to the retailer.

The watercolor will be printed on high-quality, fine art paper. Revisions can be made if the customer is unhappy with the design, so there’s no need to panic. 

Once happy with the order, customers can either receive a digital copy of the invitation and have it printed locally or the retailer can ship it to the individual.

The digital copy of the invitation is less expensive at $74.00, but this doesn’t include printing costs. It should be noted that invitations do not come with envelopes. 

The invitations come as 5 x 7 inches as a standard size, but larger prints are available from the retailer.

Another bonus of this company is that they also sell RSVPs, details, and thank you cards in bundles with the same design. This is a great option if you want to keep all your wedding stationery uniform. 

Many of the online reviews talk about how happy they are with the quality of the work and the great customer service they received using this retailer. Other comments praised the fast delivery. 


  • Free express shipping with all orders
  • Handmade and unique design of specific wedding venues 
  • They can be easily customized with any amount of information needed 
  • Very highly-rated by a wide number of reviews 


  • Minimum order of 50 invitations 
  • They don’t come with envelopes which creates an extra cost

3. Rustic Barn Wedding Invitation with Folding Doors

Whether or not you’re actually getting married in a barn, these handmade rustic barn invitations are adorable and quirky.

The doors to the barn open out to reveal all of the wedding information printed on the inside which is decorated with printed string lights. All the wording should be provided either via email or as a note when purchasing through Etsy. 

Unprinted envelopes are included in the price of the initial set of invitations which are either white or cream colored. This is the least expensive option. 

When folded away, the barn invitation measures 5 x 7 inches with an optional 3.5 x 5 inch RSVP card.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to the RSVP cards, customers can choose to keep the barn background or a plain white background for a cheaper price.

The price is also affected by whether or not envelopes are added to the order.

The invitations can be easily customized with any information that the customer desires, with two rounds of digital revisions available to ensure that the finished product comes out as intended.

These revisions are included in the price of the set of invitations. Any additional revisions after this will result in an additional fee.

Pre-designed samples can be purchased from this retailer in order for the customer to get a feel and look for the invitation which is great when buying things online.

Previous customers praised the quality of their invitations and stated how their wedding dates were easily met and orders received in time.


  • Unique and quirky design
  • The text can be easily customized to suit the individual 
  • Highly-rated by a number of reviews


  • Expensive compared to the other options 
  • Additional fees are charged after two lots of revisions 

Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide

We have created this small buyer’s guide to help you identify the key aspects to consider when buying wedding invitations. 

Additional Fees

Price will always have an impact on the items you’re buying, especially as weddings already cost enough as it is. Therefore, you should consider what comes with the wedding invitations you’re purchasing before you commit to the option.

If the invites don’t come with envelopes then this will be an additional cost either from the retailer or when purchased from a store. 

With the majority of wedding retailers, additional stationery such as RSVP cards, thank you cards, and other information will come at an additional cost.

Stationery sets are available but these may cost more or may come at a cheaper price but with less customization and fewer unique designs. 

Be sure to read the fine print before purchasing wedding invitations to make yourself aware of any extra costs for revisions. 


The majority of wedding invitations will come with all the information the guests need regarding the event.

Others have smaller information cards or follow-up information sent to guests via email. Working out how you want the information to reach guests will determine the invitation you use. 

For example, the rustic barn invitations are quite spacious and can fit a lot of information on it compared to the wooden lavender invitation.

Choosing the lavender invitation may appeal to some as it is more unique, but there may need to be extra information sent along with it or at a later date due to the smaller surface area.

Is There A Minimum Order Amount?

Some retailers will have a minimum order amount of invitations as it may not be cost-effective for them to sell in smaller quantities.

This information will be available to see on the retailer’s website or marketplace the invitations are being sold as many of them are handmade. 

Contacting the retailer directly could be a way to work around this issue if it affects your order.

Finding customized and handmade wedding invitations often means that the products are made by small businesses that are usually very cooperative and adaptable compared to large corporations. 

Final Thoughts

Rustic wedding themes are becoming increasingly popular with a wide variety of decor to accompany them.

When it comes to wedding invitations, there are so many choices that it can be overwhelming. Identifying your wants and needs is imperative when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding invite. 

We hope you found this article interesting and inspiring, helping you to choose the perfect rustic wedding invitations for your special day! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Make My Wedding Invitations Unique?

Rustic-themed wedding invitations can add a unique twist that will stand out from all other invites during the wedding season.

Many rustic invitations have creative features such as dried flowers, interesting shapes, or unusual materials that make them more special than standard wedding invitations.