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Amazing Clutch Bags For Weddings

Weddings are not just a big deal for the happy couple. It’s an excuse for all of the guests to dress up and really look their best.

And if you’re a woman, you will want to take a nice bag! We’re not talking shopping bag here, think amazing clutch bag so that you’ve got your phone with a camera for taking photos of the memorable occasion, and of course your lipstick!

But you can’t take just any handbag to a wedding. It has to look smart, compliment the rest of your outfit, and not be big or bulky or be a shoulder bag. You need something small that’s easy to grab and take with you as you go around socialising and dancing.

I’ve been checking out some of the most amazing clutch bags for weddings, and now I get to share my findings with you. Here goes!

Damara Women’s Satin Pleated Flower Front Evening Clutch Bag

This was my favourite clutch bag of the lot!

I just love the pretty asymmetric satin ribbon flower on top of the pleated satin lid, lined below with a smart satin ribbon to complete the look.

It does come with a chain for carrying on the shoulder, but if you don’t want to bother with that, then it’s completely removable.

And it has a convenient magnetic closure, so you don’t need to worry about zippers either. It also has a wonderfully silky feel, due to the smooth, satin material. It measures 10.63 by 4.05 by 3.94 inches.

It’s available in a wide range of different colours, 8 in total, including several light and dark options. These are champagne, black, coffee, gold, navy blue, purple, silver, and wine.

It’s available for a bargain price, and has been met with excellent customer ratings and reviews.

Winyu Shiny Clutch Bag With Strap

Here’s another great option for you, with its glossy appearance topped with a sparkly mini-sequin studded flap, that looks stunning under bright lights or sunlight.

It comes with a removable gold chain strap, so if you don’t want to have to hold it in your hands while you are dancing, you can wear it as a cross-body bag, and be sure not to lose it.

It measures 9.4 by 5.1 by 2 inches, providing plenty of room for all your essentials, such as your smartphone, your purse, and your essential makeup items.

It features a convenient magnetic closure, so you don’t have to worry about awkward buckles or zippers, and it’s easy to get into when you need access.

It’s available in a range of 4 different colour options. These are (trending) rose gold, black, gold, and silver. All of which feature a stunning trim along the lip of the envelope.

And it’s available at a very reasonable price to boot!

Sumaju Satin Envelope Clutch Bag

I just love silver clutch bags like this one!

Not only does silver go well with all kinds of dresses and outfits, be they pastel or darker, but it can also be used to match and compliment the jewellery you’re wearing as well.

The body of the clutch bag is a matt silver, but the flap features pleated satin, topped with rows of shiny diamanté gems.

It measures 24 by 15.1 by 6 centimetres, providing plenty of room for all your essential items such as your smartphone, cash and makeup.

If you don’t want to carry it around in your hand, you can also use the detachable strap, and carry it over your shoulder or as a cross-body bag.

It also happens to be available at a bargain price, and comes backed with excellent customer ratings and reviews.

Unfortunately, however, this bag only appears to be available in silver and there are no other colour options available.

7vstohs Elegant Evening Clutch Bag

This is such a glorious, feminine clutch bag – perfect for a wedding!

The front of the clutch bag is decorated with 5 beautiful fabric simulation flowers, including two rose-like ones, two regular ones in grey and plum, and a smaller pearl coloured one, complete with beads in the centre. There are even branches and leaves in place, embellished by lovely pearl-like beads.

The external material is PU leather (not real leather) which means that it’s not only durable, but also soft to the touch, and crucially, easy to simply wipe clean.

If you decide you don’t want to carry the clutch around in your hand, you can also use the detachable strap, a gold chain, to hook it over your shoulder, leaving your hands free to pour or carry drinks.

It measures 7.48 by 4.13 by 1.57 inches, with a sufficient interior capacity to be able to keep all your essential items close at hand throughout the day. Easily big enough to carry your smartphone for all those photo opportunities!

It’s available in 3 great colour options, including gold, pink, and white. Popular wedding guest outfit colours.

There haven’t been a whole lot of customer reviews for this clutch bag just yet, but what feedback there has been, has been very positive.

And even though this is the most expensive clutch bag in my shortlist, it’s available at a very reasonable price – the sort of price you’d expect to see in New Look or Dorothy Perkins

Wrap Up

I hope you’ve found this article useful and that you have spotted the perfect clutch bag for the happy event.

Please bear in mind that when shopping for a clutch bag online, you don’t always get a fair representation of the colours in the photos provided. And for such an occasion as a wedding, you will want to get a good match with your intended outfit.

For this reason, I would recommend looking at the returns’ policy of the seller, so that if it turns out that it does not match your outfit adequately, you can simply return it and get your money back.